Lack of quality communication is the number one complaint we hear from owners and tenants. Most owners believe they should have good lines of communication with their service provider. 

So, what does good communication look like?

  • Responsiveness to phone calls, emails and text messages
  • Open to ideas and flexibility in any given situation
  • Proactive on taking action and keeping everyone informed along the way

The above traits should be expected, but many fail to hit the mark. There are a number of reasons why this may be happening with your property manager.

  • Your property manager may be overloaded with too many properties 
  • They may have a high volume of ‘time intensive’ properties
  • Someone else could be answering their messages, but they may not be qualified to make decisions
  • High staff turnover within a company can be unsettling to the entire team and often adds additional pressure to an already stressed environment 

Whatever the reason, it shouldn’t become your problem. Smaller means you know exactly who your property manager is, and you won’t become just another number. It also means that your property manager isn’t running around like a headless chook with little time for good customer service. Look for a company with genuine values that align with yours.